Is sheepskin leather sheepskin leather or artificial leather?

2020-06-19 20:30:37

Is sheepskin leather sheepskin leather or artificial leather?

"Leather" is a common word in the leather product market. It is a customary term for natural leather to distinguish synthetic leather. In the concept of consumers, "leather" also has a non-false meaning. In fact, real leather is leather, which is mainly processed from mammalian skin. There are many kinds of genuine leather, various varieties, different structures, different qualities, and equal prices. Therefore, genuine leather is both a general term for all natural leather and an ambiguous logo on the commodity market.

What is sheep leather

   Generally speaking, sheepskin leather is a kind of leather made from tanned sheepskin leather. After a series of processing, the leather becomes leather. Genuine leather is just the skin peeled off from the animal and then processed leather. But the leather on the market is artificial leather, not processed leather

Of course sheepskin is sheepskin

Most Chinese colloquial leather refers to genuine leather rather than genuine leather, which is generally called artificial leather or leather. Anyone who uses animal skin to improve its physical and chemical properties through processing and tanning methods for different functions is called genuine leather. In more professional terms It is said that after tanning, the animal's fur chemical properties (especially proteins) have been changed and it is easier to preserve to achieve convenient use, beautiful crafts, or special-purpose modified products.

What is the difference between sheepskin and sheepskin

Real sheep leather is the skin of sheep, and cowhide is cowhide, leather pig leather is pig skin, horse leather is horse skin, the same as the leather made of animal skin, the difference is that the skin peeled off from the animal is raw hide , Unprocessed and cooked can be eaten, leather refers to processed leather, can make leather shoes, leather bags, leather clothes, etc., processed leather contains chemicals, which is toxic and cannot be eaten