Which is better, goatskin or sheepskin?

2020-06-19 20:31:18

Which is better, goatskin or sheepskin?

   Goat's fur, a high-grade raw material. Its structure is slightly stronger, so the tensile strength is better, because the skin layer is thicker, it is more wear-resistant. The rows of goatskin pores are "tile-shaped", with a fine surface and tight fibers. There are a large number of fine velvet pores arranged in a semi-circle, which feels tight. Goat skin can now be made into many different styles of leather, washable distressed leather, this skin has no coating, can be directly washed in water, without discoloration and shrinkage is very small. Wax film leather, this kind of leather is a layer of oil wax on the surface of the leather. When this kind of leather encounters folding or crumpling, it will also appear some lighter folds. It is normal. Mostly used to make shoe upper leather, garment leather, glove leather, wallets and some female bags.

  The characteristics of sheepskin are similar to goatskin, but due to the large number of hair bundles, fat glands, sweat glands and erectile muscles, the leather is particularly soft. Because the collagen fiber bundle of the mesh layer is thin, the weave is loose, and the weave angle is small, mostly parallel, so the fastness of the leather is low.

  Sheep leather is soft in texture, large in extensibility, soft and smooth to the touch, fine-grained, clear and beautiful dermatoglyph. The pores of sheep's leather are small and round, and consist of several pores. The pores are clear, arranged in long rows, and evenly distributed. The grain surface is smooth, fine, small in strength, large in extensibility, and soft and rich.


   There are many kinds of sheepskins in my country. The main varieties currently available are Mongolian sheepskin, Tibetan sheepskin, Kazakh sheepskin, Han sheepskin, Tong sheepskin, Xinjiang fine wool sheepskin, Lake sheepskin, Tan sheepskin, Sanbei sheepskin and so on. According to the use and wool type characteristics of sheepskin, sheepskins are generally divided into three categories, namely sheep of this species, improved sheep and hybrid sheep (Hu sheep, Tan sheep, Sanbei sheep because of their unique breeds, so the single case is added to the description) . This kind of sheepskin has the characteristics of thick and loose hair, long hair clearing, and soft skin. After the fur is made, it can be made into various leather clothes, leather pants, leather gloves and leather shoes, etc. The finished product is heat-resistant and durable. The modified sheepskin has fine and even hair, with small twists and turns. After making the fur, you can cut the velvet skin, dye it in various colors, imitate the otter velvet, and make it into a leather coat, a leather cap, a leather collar and a leather mattress. Hybrid sheepskins include Tan sheepskin, Hu sheepskin and Sanbei sheepskin. The quality varies greatly, but the use is the same as this sheepskin. Sheep skins that are not suitable for making fur can be used for leather making, which is called sheep board skin. Its leather surface is delicate, soft, and has good extensibility, but it is easy to loosen. Sheep leather can often be made into leather clothes, gloves and small leather goods.

  The fur of sheep larvae is called sheep lamb skin, which is divided into this kind of lamb skin and modified lamb skin on the commodity. According to the length of the hair, it is divided into small hair, medium hair, and large hair. Those with short hairs and obvious patterns are suitable for making fur coats, fur hats, etc.; those with long hairs and uneven thickness can be made into coat linings, leather mattresses and collars, etc.

  The structure of goatskin is slightly stronger than that of sheepskin, so the tensile strength is better than that of sheepskin. Because the skin surface layer is thicker than sheepskin, it is more wear-resistant than sheepskin. The difference from sheepskin is that the surface layer of goatskin grain is rough, and its smoothness is not as good as sheepskin, and its feel is slightly worse than sheepskin. Goatskin can now be made into many different styles of leather, washable distressed leather, this skin has no coating, can be directly washed in water, without discoloration and shrinkage rate is very small.

Sheep skin is characterized by a thin and light skin, soft and smooth feel, fine pores, small irregular pores, evenly distributed, flat and round. Sheepskin is a relatively high-grade raw material for leather in leather clothing. Now sheepskin has also broken the traditional style, and processed into many different styles such as embossing, washing, printing.

   So no one is better than goatskin and sheepskin, but they have their own characteristics. As long as they are used according to their own designs, they will be very useful and practical.