What should I do if the leather products of "Back to the South" are moldy?

2020-06-19 20:32:05

What should I do if the leather products of "Back to the South" are moldy?

   1. If you want to prevent the occurrence of mildew on leather goods, you should pay attention to the following two points in the use and storage of leather goods:

   1. Ensure the cleanliness of leather goods and surrounding environment

If there is no dirt, the moldy substance will be lost, and there will be no mildew spots. So when using leather goods to preserve leather goods, all parts of the leather goods should be wiped clean and dried thoroughly. This is one of the important ways to avoid the appearance of mildew spots. One.

   2. Keep the leather goods dry and ventilated

  Moisture is the decisive factor that causes mold to be leather. Even if the leather is dirty under dry and ventilated conditions, there will be no mold. Therefore, to avoid the occurrence of mildew, it is necessary to ensure the dryness and ventilation of the leather storage environment. It must be dried in the shade, not air-dried, and not allowed to dry in the sun.

2. Once mildew appears on the leather goods, the following methods can be used for treatment:

1. Wipe gently with a soft towel wringed with hot water, and pay attention to the use of power when wiping. Try to wipe off the mold on the surface of the leather product completely and cleanly while ensuring that the leather coating layer is not damaged. Never use alcohol, nail polish remover and other strong and inferior products to wipe. After wiping, let it dry naturally in a cool place. After it is completely dried, it can be maintained with a special maintenance oil for leather goods.

   2. Mild mildew After removing the mildew, if there are still some mildew marks, such as black and brown leather goods, you can purchase the corresponding color of maintenance oil and maintain it to achieve a perfect effect.

   3. Leather goods with severe mildew spots are difficult to remove all by home cleaning and maintenance alone. At this time, they should be referred to a professional store for treatment.

  Leather care tips

  Moisture and humid conditions or improper storage will cause the leather coat to become moldy. At this time, do not expose to the sun. Doing so will make the skin texture rough and prone to cracking. It may be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol and water (1:1) solution, and then placed in a ventilated place to dry. It can remove mildew spots and also can eliminate mildew, preventing clothing from getting moldy again. This method can also be used for other leather goods~ Please note: the leather coat should be moisture-proof: once the moisture gets moldy, the leather coat will lose its luster and affect the cortex. If the leather coat is exposed to rain, it should immediately absorb water with a dry cloth and dry in the shade. Do not expose to the sun, otherwise the leather coat will harden or shrink.

Seasonal maintenance tips

  Moldy leather must be handled in time. Because the cortex is composed of animal cells, the composition of animal cells and plant cells is used as a nutrient matrix for mold growth. However, mold can not only damage cortical fibers, but also leave pigments and bacteria, so it must be cleaned in time to better protect it. Own leather goods. During the winter and spring season, many shoes, leather clothes, and bags will be put into the closet. Care or cleaning is necessary before putting it in the closet, otherwise it may be used when it is taken out and reused. It will become moldy and hard, greatly shortening the life of leather goods!

The spring rainy day has just begun! Hurry up and check your shoes, leather clothes, and bags! Check your leather goods regularly, turn them out and breathe them regularly, and wash the dust bag frequently to prevent the beloved bag from getting damp and moldy.

  Finally, if it is found that there are stains on the leather that cannot be cleaned, it must not be handled blindly. It is best to ask a professional to clean and repair.