How do business men choose men's leather wallets in the workplace

2020-06-19 20:32:48

How do business men choose men's leather wallets in the workplace

  For business men, not only pay attention to the personal clothing, but also pay attention to the style, quality and style of wallets and clutches, because although they belong to some details, they can change your impression in others' hearts. 

  First, the appropriate wallet style can better reflect your fashion index, dazzling colors, good texture is the best choice for fashionable men. At the same time, the shape of the wallet and the size of the memory determine the style of the wallet. Generally speaking, men's wallets can be divided into medium and long wallets and short wallets according to their styles. The shape of the medium and long wallets is rectangular and long. If there are many things and put the wallet in the bag, it is better to choose the middle and long bag; the short wallet is short in length and width, generally close to square, if the money is often packed in the pocket, the short money Clip is appropriate.

 Secondly, according to the characteristics of occupation, you can also choose the style of wallet that suits you. For business men, in order to match suits, try to choose some wallets with a more stable color and a more commercial style. For hair stylists, IT industries and other more personalized and fashionable industries, you can choose some relatively new and personalized wallet styles to match with clothing, creating an avant-garde feeling in the colorful colors of wallets and clothing.

  Third, when choosing a wallet, its length and color are aspects that people are more concerned about, and the texture and pattern of the selected wallet will also reflect men's preferences and style in detail. For example, this calf leather toothpick wallet is clear, three-dimensional, delicate and upright, which perfectly matches the requirements of men pursuing quality details.

  The exquisite craftsman body line is smooth and not bloated, and the superb texture is revealed in the simple fashion, which is the first choice for business men.