The difference between shoulder bag customization and mountaineering bag customization

2020-06-19 20:34:49

Usually, when customers choose backpacks for customization, they don't know what type of backpacks they need, so it is easy to confuse backpacks with mountaineering bags. It’s no wonder that ordinary backpacks and mountaineering bags are both shoulders. People who are not often in the luggage market are prone to illusion. In fact, in general, the backpacks we generally refer to are those business or leisure shoulders. Bag, and the mountaineering bag is a small branch inside, specially used for mountaineering. Below we distinguish these two backpacks from two aspects.

1. Carry the system

The backpacking system of the mountaineering bag is the top priority of the luggage. It is necessary to consider whether it meets the design of ergonomics and perspiration heat dissipation function, and whether there is a carrying frame inside, and the backpack belt and abdominal belt need to consider the wide and thick design. The waist also needs to be equipped with lumbar pads to increase discomfort. Ordinary packages are simple. Although we have considered carrying systems, we have not paid much attention to them.


2. Internal structure

Generally, the back structure of a shoulder bag is relatively complicated. For example, there are many inner pockets, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, and some checkerboard pens. In the case of mountaineering bags, because the things carried are different, the inner structure is relatively simple, but the outer structure is more complicated, because something needs to be hung.

3. Materials

Mountaineering bags generally need to consider environmental factors, such as mountainous forests and other complex areas, so the materials used in mountaineering bags need to be thick and have high-strength waterproof and wear-resistant nylon materials with waterproof coatings, and use seamless waterproof zippers and high strength Engineering group buckle. But the ordinary bag is much simpler, the main choice is simple and lightweight fabrics. The mountaineering bag is more rigorous than the ordinary bag. After all, the mountaineering bag needs to challenge the ups and downs during the journey, so it attaches great importance to waterproof wearability and comfort.