How to extend the "life" of high-end men's bags

2020-06-19 20:35:49

The secret of high-grade leather bags is the same as that of leather shoes. It must be allowed to rest and be maintained frequently, especially considering personal needs and tastes. There are different leather bags at any time in exchange for longer usability.


In general, the high-end leather bag you just bought should be rubbed with clean hands first, as long as you use appropriate body temperature and grease, and gently rub it gently with your hands, you can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. In addition, it is usually used, and maintenance oil is added at any time to extend the service life. As for the maintenance oil used, you can use the general leather maintenance liquid (available on the market), but it should be noted that because of the difference in the cortex, it is best to ask the cortex before using it, and then apply the maintenance liquid to the The bottom or inside of the purse is not good to test whether it can be applied.

The above is the general maintenance method. If you subdivide it, you can do different maintenance according to the different leather of the business bag:

The best cleaning and maintenance method for ordinary leather is to remove dust and then use special cleaning oil to remove dirt and wrinkles. Secondly, dip the special oil of the leather bag on the cloth, gently apply it to the leather bag, and then rub the cloth hard on the leather bag, but do not apply too much detergent to avoid discoloring or contaminating the clothing. The smooth skin is to show the original flavor. It is best to use its special ointment. In case of dirt, it can be carefully removed with a damp towel. The suede is deerskin, suede, etc., it is best to use a soft animal brush to remove, avoid using metal hair. Usually this kind of leather bag will spread easily because of the oil juice, so it is best to stay away from the attached things including chewing gum or candy. When removing this type of leather, be sure to wipe gently to prevent the leather bag from whitening and leaving traces with too much force. Because the patent leather is prone to cracks, it needs to be used with care. Usually, it is only necessary to wipe with a soft cloth like a handkerchief. If the leather bag cracks, you can use a special grease on the cloth, and then wipe it gently. After understanding the maintenance, you must also understand how to collect, in order to "long-term stability."

Generally speaking, when changing seasons or not using it for a long time, it must be sorted out before it can be stored (the leather should be placed in a cool place to dry). In order not to deform the leather bag, old newspapers should be stuffed in the inner layer to avoid mold, but avoid putting camphor pills or other smelly things together.