Which is better, goat skin or sheep skin?

2021-11-25 18:02:45

Which is better, goat skin or sheep skin?

Goat fur, a high-grade raw material. Its structure is slightly solid, so its tensile strength is better. Because the skin surface is thicker, it is more wear-resistant. The pores of goat fur are in "tile shape" in rows, with fine surface and compact fibers. There are a large number of fine velvet, and the pores are arranged in a semicircle and feel tight. Goat skin can now be made into many different styles of skin, washable imitation old skin. This kind of skin has no coating and can be directly washed in water without decolorization and small shrinkage. Wax film leather. This kind of leather rolls a layer of oil wax on the surface of the leather. When this kind of leather is folded or wrinkled, there will also be some folding marks with lighter color, which is normal. It is mainly used to make shoe upper leather, garment leather, glove leather, silver bag and some women's bags.

The characteristics of sheep skin are similar to goat skin, but due to the large number of hair bundles, fat glands, sweat glands and vertical hair muscles, the leather is particularly soft. Because the collagen fiber bundle of the reticular layer is thin, the weaving is loose, the weaving angle is small, and most of them are parallel, the leather has low fastness.

Sheep leather has soft texture, great extensibility, soft and smooth feel, fine grain surface, clear and beautiful skin lines. The pores of sheep leather are small and oblate, which are composed of several pores. The pores are clear, long and evenly distributed. The grain surface is flat and fine, with small strength, large extensibility, good softness and richness.

There are many kinds of sheepskin in China. The existing main varieties are Mongolian sheepskin, Tibetan sheepskin, Kazakh sheepskin, cold sheepskin, Tongyang sheepskin, Xinjiang Fine Wool sheepskin, Lake sheepskin, Beach sheepskin, Sanbei sheepskin, etc. According to the use and wool type characteristics of sheep skin, sheep skin is generally divided into three categories, namely, this kind of sheep, improved sheep and hybrid sheep (Hu sheep, Tan sheep and Sanbei sheep are added to the description of a single case because of their unique varieties). This kind of sheepskin has the characteristics of long wool, thick and loose wool, clear locks, clear flowers and flexible skin plate. After making fur, it can be made into all kinds of leather clothes, leather pants, leather gloves and leather shoes. The finished products are insulated and durable. The wool of the improved sheep skin is fine and uniform, with twists and turns and small bends. After making fur, it can be made into sheared fur, dyed into various colors, imitated Rex fur, and made into leather clothes, hats, leather collars and leather mattresses. Hybrid sheepskin includes Beach sheepskin, Lake sheepskin and Sanbei sheepskin. The quality is quite different, but the purpose is the same as this kind of sheepskin. Sheep skin, which is not suitable for fur making, can be used for leather making. It is called sheep skin. Its leather surface is fine, soft, extensible, but easy to loosen. Sheep leather can often be made into leather clothes, gloves and small leather articles.


The fur of young sheep is called lamb skin, which can be divided into this kind of lamb skin and improved lamb skin. According to the length of wool, it is divided into small wool, medium wool and large wool lamb skin. Those with short hair and obvious patterns are suitable for making fur coats and hats; If the hair is long and uneven in thickness, it can be made into coat lining, leather mattress and collar.

The structure of goat skin is slightly stronger than that of sheep skin, so the tensile strength is better than that of sheep skin. Because the surface layer of goat skin is thicker than sheep skin, it is more wear-resistant than sheep skin. The difference between goat skin and sheep skin is that the grain surface of goat skin is rough, the smoothness is not as good as sheep skin, and the hand feel is slightly worse than sheep skin. Goat skin can now be made into many different styles of skin, washable imitation old skin. This kind of skin has no coating and can be directly washed in water without decolorization and small shrinkage.

Sheep skin is characterized by light and thin skin plate, soft, smooth and delicate hand feel, small pores, irregular division and uniform, flat and round. Sheepskin is a high-grade raw material in leather clothing. Now sheep skin has also broken the traditional style, and processed into embossing, washable, printing and many other different styles.

Therefore, no goat skin or sheep skin is better than anyone, but they have their own characteristics. As long as they are used according to their own design, they must be very easy to use and practical,