Cotton bag making process

2021-11-25 17:44:11 hongling

Production process of cotton bag:

1、 Design

As a new publicity tool, it is essential to print beautiful and eye-catching advertising words on exquisite cotton bags. In this process, our staff will solicit your opinions to achieve the effect you want. Pindali can provide customers with free typesetting and design, and send the typesetting documents to customers for confirmation. After confirmation, customers can place an order for production.

2、 Material selection

The customer confirms to place an order for customized non-woven environmental protection bags, and the manuscript is also confirmed clearly. We will prepare non-woven materials according to the color, gram weight and specification required by the customer.

3、 Printing

The commonly used printing processes of cotton bags include screen printing, flexographic printing, gravure coated printing, etc., which should be selected according to the content and color of printing required by customers. Among them, the price of screen printing is relatively cheap, which is also a printing method used quite a lot.

3、 Cutting

After printing, it will be cut, mainly the cutting of positive and side films. Our cutting master will accurately cut the cotton bags you said need according to the size of the manuscript. The cutting error is generally less than 1cm. For customers with large orders, we use machine cutting, and the size error will be smaller, basically there will be no error.

4、 Sewing

When all processes are ready, we need to sew the cut positive and side pieces into non-woven environmental protection bags one by one. Pinglida has a number of professional flat sewing masters, and has very strict requirements for sewing, exquisite sewing and quality assurance. Therefore, it can meet the mass customization needs of customers.

5、 Packing

After the cotton bag is sewn, the quality inspector will pick out all the unqualified cotton bags, and the workers will rework or invalidate them. The packer will pack the qualified cotton bags with waterproof woven bags. Generally, the number is usually 50 ~ 1000, which is determined according to the size of cotton bags.

6、 Shipment

After packing, we will send logistics, express delivery or door-to-door delivery according to the requirements of customers.