Why do many people choose to use canvas bags?

2021-11-25 17:39:06 hongling

Canvas Handbag provides high-quality promotional products for any company. These can be printed with the company logo and can be used during any event or exhibition. Increase the company's brand publicity and reflect the company's strength. Why do many people choose to use canvas bags?

Why do many people choose to use canvas bags?

1. The material of canvas bag is the same as that of cotton bag, which is made of cotton from nature,

2. For canvas bags, the biggest cost is fabric. The common materials of canvas are polyester cotton and pure cotton. For these two kinds, there are also general materials and good materials. Therefore, when customizing, we must look at the physical samples to determine the material quality of large goods.

3. Canvas bags always give people the impression that they are strong and durable. A canvas bag made by Shenzhen huadafeng handbag factory can let you use it for 3 / 5 years without any damage, which shows that the products of huadafeng canvas bag factory are very good. The canvas bags made by some manufacturers are opened in some places, which doesn't matter, because the lathe work is an important standard for the manufacturers.

4. There are many fabrics and lines of canvas environmental protection bags, most of which are fine and flat, and the printing and imaging effect is very good. Different fabrics also have requirements for printing.

Why do many people choose to use canvas bags?

5. Canvas bags can be cleaned, and it is easier to make a mess. Pure cotton canvas bags will be slightly deformed after washing, because pure cotton will shrink. This is much better than non-woven fabrics.