How to customize high-quality canvas bags in manufacturers?

2021-11-25 17:36:08 hongling

Today, when the concept of environmental protection is popular all over the world, environmental protection canvas shopping bags are loved by many people. Nowadays, in addition to the concept of environmental protection, many young people are willing to carry canvas bags to work and go shopping every day. Because canvas bags are also the representative of fashion. So how to customize high-quality canvas bags in manufacturers?

How to customize high-quality canvas bags in manufacturers?

1、 Style

Style is the main means to express the product style, and it can also key express the purchase intention of customers. The style of canvas bag is simple and fashionable, and the color is clean and beautiful, which has become a highlight to attract customers. Good style is the cornerstone of sales success.

In order to meet the needs of different customers, the canvas bags produced by Huanya packaging have many styles and complete specifications. The more common styles include Canvas Handbag, canvas bundle bag, Canvas Backpack Bag, canvas zipper bag, canvas corner bag, etc.

2、 Fabric

Canvas fabric was more used to make military tents and parachutes in the early stage because of its firmness and fastness. With the progress of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the types of canvas have gradually increased and are more widely used.

How to customize high-quality canvas bags in manufacturers?

In the 21st century, we have entered the era of environmental protection. Canvas, an environmentally friendly fabric, has been more recognized, carried a new fashion concept and entered the fashion field. Canvas bags have also become popular fashion items.

However, when customers buy canvas bags, they often have misunderstandings. Some consumers believe that the thicker the fabric, the better the quality. In fact, it is not. The fabric quality has nothing to do with the thickness of the fabric. The cotton content and treatment method are important factors determining the fabric quality. The fabric of canvas bags produced by Huanya packaging is not only solid and durable after various technical treatments, At the same time, it feels more delicate, soft and breathable, and the lightness of the fabric also reduces the weight-bearing feeling brought by the original heavy sail cloth bag.

3、 Workmanship

Fine workmanship determines the grade and quality of products. The finer the workmanship of canvas bags, the better, and the higher the grade of products. You need to check the following aspects:

A. Whether the stitches of the canvas bag are smooth, uniform, loose, continuous and parallel to the edge;

B. Whether the hardware accessories are symmetrical, the lock catch is firm, and the zipper shall be pulled smoothly;

C. If the canvas has ruffles, the thickness should be appropriate to keep it as smooth as the appearance of the canvas bag;

How to customize high-quality canvas bags in manufacturers?

4、 Price

In fact, the price represents not only a number, but also a combination of materials, workmanship, style, practicability, beauty and other comprehensive factors of canvas bags. We all know that good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good, right? Therefore, when purchasing canvas bags, do not blindly pursue low prices. Although they are cheap, in fact, their service life is very short and their quality cannot be guaranteed.

After summarizing the above points, how to choose manufacturers? What is the quality of canvas bag? Everyone must know very well. Canvas bags with customized luggage design, no matter what material and style, we can design them for enterprises!