Backpack "bag" out of your personality

2020-07-13 15:55:07 hongling

Leather bags are not only used to store personal items, but also can reflect a person's identity, status, economic status and even personality. A carefully selected leather bag has the finishing touch, it can decorate you as a real white-collar woman. In order to save time, some women use the same leather bag on different occasions. Sometimes they do not match with the dress and look uncoordinated. It is best to prepare several leather bags for different occasions such as work, leisure and dinner. The leather bag used when going to work should be larger, so that more necessary supplies can be stored, but the style must be generous and consistent with the image of the work. For example, a briefcase style leather bag is the most suitable. But if you feel that the briefcase is too stiff, you can try to carry both a briefcase and a shoulder bag that reflects the femininity. The advantage of this is that it allows you to place as many objects as possible more rationally, which is much more professional than if you carry a plastic or paper bag. When using a backpack, women should wear it on their right shoulders, because women are used to walking on the right when walking with men. However, when using a briefcase or handbag, it seems to be in a hurry because of changing hands.

    When applying for a job or interview, women should never place their purses on the examiner’s desk or hold them on their chests. The most appropriate way is to put them next to their right feet. For the average office worker, it is best not to use a more expensive leather bag than the boss. Young people who have just entered the society should pay special attention to this point. For handbags used in casual clothes, leisure and shopping, lively, brightly colored leather bags or backpacks can be selected, which is suitable for a relaxed mood and dress up. For formal occasions such as dinner parties, you should choose a more elegant leather bag, which is not only compatible with the dress, but also a polite expression of the owner. When attending a banquet, it is best to use a hand-held or backpack bag, and do not hold the bag with your hand, so as not to cause trouble when exchanging business cards or taking meals.

    The gold and silver leather bag is suitable for use at a dinner party, because it shows its nobility under the light. It is an indecent act for a man in a suit and leather shoes not to fight for a leather bag for her girlfriend or wife. Because the leather bag is an accessory for women, how can it be carried on a man's body? If you want to show men's thoughtfulness and grace, you can help women carry heavier items or shopping bags.

   This season is bright and sunny, if you don't carefully dress up and show it on the street, it is really a waste: wearing a casual casual suit and carrying a light handbag, you can relax and enjoy your life. Don't act now, when should I wait?