Every Chanel handbag contains a girl's story

2020-07-13 16:00:08 hongling

Every Chanel handbag contains a girl's story

"Bao" cures all kinds of diseases. Women can have many handbags in their lifetime, but a handbag with a story will be loved by women. Someone said, "In real life, not everyone will marry Prince Charming, but at least anyone can own a Chanel that the princess loves!" This may be why young girls are eager to own a classic Chanel handbag. Reason. The reason why the classics are so long lasting is because time will pass, but the story in the bag is as perpetual as the style of Chanel.

As a close partner of Karl Lagerfeld, Lady Amanda Harlech recently specially invited 10 independent fashionable women to come to the Chanel residence at 31 Kampong Street in Paris to chat with them about the story of Chanel handbags.

Immediately afterwards, Ma Sichun, Jiang Shuying, Zhou Xun and other celebrities and fashionistas have published their own stories of Chanel. Women's complex with Chanel reminded me of the story of Chanel handbags around me and me.

The value of a Chanel handbag

Twenty years old is the most beautiful age in a woman's life. I am still happy to receive college education. I live a university life with no worries every day. I have no definition of beauty and fashion. Until one day, I found that the girls around me started to change. They started to make up and bought various skirts, shoes and bags to dress themselves up. There is a girl who is also transforming, but I still haven't figured out her way. Her family background and appearance are different from other girls. Most girls think that luxury goods are a long-cherished wish for her, but she bought a Chanel Boy Chanel handbag in college. The series of handbags from 2011 From the day of birth, it has become the love of countless women and is one of the products on the girls' must-buy list in this life. More than 20,000 bags hung on her, and everyone felt that her bags were highly imitated. But she has been working hard to prove that her bag is real, showing us shopping tickets, trying to explain, and even directly telling us where she came from to buy this bag-save her frugal living expenses plus half of her tuition.

Miss Chanel once said, "Luxury is comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." For a handbag, the girl did not hesitate to use her education funds to buy, and she also saves frugality on weekdays. People's evaluation of her. Indeed, such luxury is not comfortable at all! Chanel tells us in the design concept that we can't afford Chanel, but don't forget that we always have a dress called "self". When the girl picked up Chanel, she was not confident herself, so she was considered a high imitation. The value of a Chanel handbag is not used to show off and satisfy vanity. The reason why Chanel is Chanel is because its value lies in the moment we have her, we feel that we are worth it, and our heart is comfortable, happy, or full of love and satisfaction.

The first Chanel handbag contains independence

After working for several years, I have been carrying hundreds of pieces of fast-selling handbags such as ZARA, UR, and CK. For me, handbags are just bags for necessities. It was only when I was in the position of director that I earned an annual salary of 200,000 yuan that I owned a 2.55 Chanel handbag belonging to me.

2.55 was designed by Miss Chanel personally and is the most exciting bag in the world that can inspire a woman's strong desire. In fact, after a long period of time after my economic independence, I wanted to buy a 2.55. It was only twice that I asked a purchaser and a friend to help me buy it, but I couldn't buy it, because 2.55 is so popular. Later, when I was flying to Paris with my friends, when I was shopping, I passed by the Chanel store and checked in. By the way, I met my 2.55. The moment I got the package, I put a pile of Buddha Worry.

When I returned to the hotel that night, I opened the box in a pious posture. When my friend bought it home and unpacked it, he also used a kneeling posture to open the box very respectfully. My friend also made fun of my exaggeration.

Later I fell in love, and my boyfriend sent me 2.55 (Chanel Reissue 2.55) on the anniversary, which he bought on a business trip to Rome in 2014. Because it was designed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of 2.55, the boyfriend said that this represents the future. Later we got married and I still carry 2.55 and 2.55.

For me, my first Chanel handbag is no longer a bag for travelling necessities, it is my affirmation of my efforts, and it is a gift for me to grow up.

The first Chanel handbag contains love

At the 26th birthday party of Fig. 4, my girlfriend received the first Chanel Le Boy from her lover. Later, my girlfriends had a lot of Chanel, but they only loved the Le Boy sent by her husband, because this handbag was sent by her husband, and this year they just had a love crystallization, and they were also a boy. In the words of girlfriends, I have two boys in one year.

No amount of bags can match a bag of love stories, because they have no stories.

With a bag and a story, life is beautiful

Chanel itself is a person with a story, born in poverty, miserable childhood, mistress... is synonymous with Chanel's past, such a fate, let her unyielding, more pursue personal freedom. We cannot choose our origin, but we can choose our own life.

No matter what kind of story is contained in your first Chanel handbag, it is forever and worthy of cherishing. Women with Chanel handbags, hope to live gorgeous

Regardless of the story behind your first Chanel, it is more precious than the bag itself, and every woman deserves Chanel's life.

I hope the girls will live to be 70 years old, still outstanding, and still self, as beautiful and elegant as Miss Chanel, 70 years old.