Can shopping bags also sound? How does it help shopaholics?

2020-07-13 16:24:29 hongling

Can shopping bags also sound? How does it help shopaholics?

There are a lot of shopaholics in this world, and they often buy a lot of unwanted things unconsciously. Seeing this, three female university students in the United Kingdom invented the "voice shopping bag". When the user pays with a credit card, the shopping bag will make a sound saying: "Do you really need this product?" Or "You have overrun" Wait for the sentence to let the user "stop for a while".

   reported that Fischler, Snaden and Smith studied product design at the College of Art at Dundee University. Three people designed this audible brown leather messenger bag, which is for both men and women.

   There is a sensor and sounder in the bag. When the user takes out the credit card from the bag to pay, it reminds the user to think twice before paying, and the sound will become bigger and bigger until the credit card is put back in the bag.

  The utterance shopping bag is made by hand. Three people spent several weeks installing the voice prompt system, and the recorder was their university professor. Fischler said: "We live in a consumerist society, people often buy more and more. The purpose of this bag is to make consumers think about the items they already have, thinking about whether they need to buy more." However 3 People have no intention of selling shopping bags as merchandise for the time being.