A handbag, let you show the denim style

2020-07-13 16:20:51 hongling

The handbag is hailed as the "second face" of a woman. It can be seen that the importance of a handbag for a woman represents the taste of a woman. Generally speaking, most girls who pursue perfection prefer simple and elegant handbags.

The shoulder bag and the clothes are an overall match, and different choices of styles and colors will produce different overall effects.

Similar color matching method: bags and clothes are the same color shades, which can produce a very elegant feeling, such as brown dress + camel bags.

Contrast color matching method: bags and clothes can also be obvious contrast colors, resulting in an alternative eye-catching matching method. For example, white skirt + black leather shoes + white and black pattern bags.

Matching with the color of the clothes: coordinate with the colors, patterns and accessories of the clothes; for example, yellow jacket + lilac skirt + lilac or beige bag.

In fact, these basic styles have the same effect on the denim outfit. Let's look at the combination of several sets of denim + bags together.

Recommended single product with one: black tight cow pants + black slim t-shirt + brown leather shoulder bag + black rivet decorative sandals

Matching analysis: Black skinny jeans are a must-have item in the cabinet of friends who love jeans. It is absolutely cool and handsome with black slim T-shirts and studded black sandals. In this collocation, the most brilliant design is that of this Korean big bag. The black tight denim trousers and the looseness of the bag are in sharp contrast, but the leisure is not decadent. After such a contrasting match, the overall neat, simple and handsome style is more prosperous and charming.

Collocation guide: Large-capacity bags are loved by more and more people. The reason is because of its practicality, but it should be noted that when matching clothing, the simple style should be the main, otherwise it will be procrastinating. feel.

Recommended single product with two: letter T-shirt + mini messenger bag + mini denim skirt + plaid half socks + black boots

Matching analysis: The mini messenger bag uses bright bright yellow. This bag attracts everyone's attention as soon as it comes out. The zipper design at the bottom brings out a sense of movement and makes the girls full of vitality! The colorful watermelon red letter T-shirt is also a fashionable and versatile item. Pair these two equally fashionable items with a sexy mini denim skirt, checked half-socks and black boots to show your perfect leg shape, while making the whole person look slender and youthful.

Matching guide: Unless you are a girl who has super confidence in the leg shape, don't try the denim mini skirt easily! The mini shoulder bag is a single item suitable for all seasons. It feels fresh in summer and light in winter. No matter what clothes it matches, it can always accomplish its tasks.

Recommended single product with three: white T-shirt + denim pencil trousers + sports shoes + black and white two-color shoulder bag + sports watch

Matching analysis: Denim pencil trousers make the legs look more slender, and the black and white two-color shoulder bag will show the overall casual, straightforward atmosphere. The combination of white T-shirts and sneakers gives people a free and easy feeling, and when they are merged, a refreshing and straightforward image of youth and vitality comes out. The choice of this sports watch is also wonderful, it can enhance the taste and intellectual atmosphere of the whole body clothes, leisurely, stylish and yet elegant style.

Matching guide: The bright design of the red denim trousers and the black and white two-color shoulder bag match perfectly. This black shoulder bag has a variety of back methods, and you can choose freely with different clothes, whether it is shoulder or cross-body, as you like, the style of the show is naturally different.

Recommended single product with four: mini handbag + short denim top + light gray slim feet jeans + black Roman high heels

Matching analysis: Mini handbags are very simple regardless of color or style. The royal blue short top with a perfect combination of leisure and nobility will release the quiet, noble and casual atmosphere. With sexy black Roman high-heeled shoes and charming feet pants, it immediately shows the image of a fashionable, sexy but charming urban beauty .

Collocation guide: conciseness is also a beauty. Sometimes, some styles and simple colors of products together with other clothing, not only will not grab their limelight, but also can fill in the deficiencies of certain details, play a prominent overall effect. Therefore, when matching, the power of "simpleness" must not be ignored.