Let you know more little knowledge? Handbag production requirements

2020-07-13 15:56:16 hongling

Let you know more little knowledge? Handbag production requirements

Handbag production requirements:


The size of the handbag is usually determined by the size of the package. Common standard sizes are divided into three, four or two. Each of them is divided into two types: positive degree or large degree. The net size is composed of length × width × height. Please refer to the attached drawings for more detailed dimensions.


Handbags can use 157g, 200g plate paper. For matching with heavier packaging products, you can use 300g version paper or 300g or more cardboard to print. If you choose to use plate paper or cardboard to print, generally need to cover the film or sub film to increase its strength. In addition, white kraft paper is more and more used in the production of handbags due to its strong toughness and environmental protection. It is usually available in 120g or 140g white or yellow kraft paper. After printing, it needs oil to protect the ink from being wiped when making the bag dirty.

Processing technology:

After printing, handbags need to be covered with film or threaded to form. The rope of the handbag can be nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. If the size of the handbag is large, the rivets need to be reinforced at the rope hole to resist the pulling force.